Sunday September 10th: Forgiveness – Doorway to another life
September 10, 2023
Tuesday September 12th: Prayer a priority
September 12, 2023

Monday September 11th: The Withered Hand

Totally open to Jesus

Luke 6:6-11

The man with the withered hand could have felt sorry for himself. Instead, he opened himself to be used by Jesus and to be healed himself. Jesus used the man to teach others, to bring out the truth in a situation that He was faced with, and to show people their shortcomings. Jesus used this encounter with the man with the withered hand as a teaching moment.

The man was totally open to Jesus and the work of God in His life. Jesus, in order to accomplish His purpose, gave the man some orders ‘Stand up!’ ‘Come out! ‘Stretch out!’ The man had to step out of his comfort zone but, believing in Jesus, he obeyed. The Gospel said, ‘He did so’…he obeyed…’and his hand was better’.

We have ‘withered hands’ in some respect or the other. Believing in Jesus, let us listen to Him, obey, step out of our comfort zone, bend our hearts to His will, and allow Jesus to work in us and in others.