Friday September 8th: The Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary
September 8, 2023
Sunday September 10th: Forgiveness – Doorway to another life
September 10, 2023

Saturday September 9th: First Things First

‘The son of Man is master of the sabbath.’

Luke 6: 1-5

To be successful in life, among other things, we must have our priorities right. To the Pharisees, Jesus’ disciples were doing things they should not do on the sabbath, and Jesus explains that although the sabbath is important, in the eyes of God man is more important.

In another gospel Jesus tells us that the sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath. Man is more important than the sabbath. This does not mean that we should not keep the sabbath holy, as this is a commandment, but there are human needs which are more important.

In other situations, do we put our spouse and children first? Are we slaves to our job and forget our family? Are we ready to make sacrifices to assist those in need or do we just think of ourselves?

Lord, help us to make the right decisions when we are faced with difficult situations in life.