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September 6, 2023
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September 7, 2023

Thursday September 7th: What’s in my net?

‘…they left everything and followed him.’

Luke 5: 1-11

Raised in a fishing village, we would call what Simon Peter and the other fishermen experienced that day a palass (pay – las). Toiling on the water with nothing to show for it, resulting in the men becoming physically drained and somewhat disappointed with their attempts as they depended on their catch to feed their families. A palass is not something a fisherman’s family wants to hear at the end of the workday.

Even though their dissatisfaction was great, the faith and courage of Jesus’ followers pushed them to a point of -Okay, if you say so, let’s do this again-, resulting in a more than fruitful catch.

There are times when we are overwhelmed and want to throw the net aside. What am I spending my time and energies on, what exactly am I filling my net with? Am I willing to follow Jesus’ instructions, even when it seems questionable? Is my faith deep enough to take the risk?
Lord, help me to recognise your direction and maintain humility to acknowledge Your power to forgive so that I can ask for Your forgiveness.