Rose Hill RC pupils in TTPS programme: ‘Who’s Writing Your Story?’
September 4, 2023
Her beloved Trinidad and Tobago
September 5, 2023

Tuesday, September 5th: The Power of God’s Word

“No big set a talk” as we would say in Trinidad.

Luke 4: 31 – 37

“Be quiet and come out of him.” That is all Jesus had to say and the evil spirit came out of the man.
This Gospel makes me think of what true power really is. No ‘big set a talk’ as we would say in Trinidad. A simple command!
I pray that I would always recognize and call on the power of God in every circumstance in which I find myself. I must remember to trust in the power of God, not only by my words but also by my actions. I cannot say I trust God and then worry.
This Gospel also teaches me about humility and self-confidence. Jesus knew exactly who he was and so did everyone else, including the demon. He did not have to tell the gathering that He was God. The way He spoke let everyone know that He was someone special.