Sunday September 3rd: The Divine Plan
September 3, 2023
Rose Hill RC pupils in TTPS programme: ‘Who’s Writing Your Story?’
September 4, 2023

Monday September 4th: Forwarding alternative solutions

“No prophet is accepted in his hometown.”

Luke 4:16-30

A few years ago, an organization with which I am still associated, brought consultants from the USA to give advice. I recall in one of the conversations, the lead consultant uttered, “We did not have to come here. You all have the solutions”. This was reflected in the final report. These words “No prophet is accepted in his hometown”, came to life.
In today’s reading, Jesus is being challenged to do in His hometown the good works He has done elsewhere. He knew that their intent was not honest, as they really did not believe in His works, referring to Him as the carpenter’s son, even planning to throw Him off the cliff.
I am sure that we have all been faced with situations where we offered workable solutions but those in charge considered them crazy. Jesus however is demonstrating that we must come to terms with the fact that sometimes we must walk away and continue what we believe is the right thing to be done.
Lord, help us to know when to walk away. Amen.