Saturday September 2nd: Why are we here?
September 2, 2023
Monday September 4th: Forwarding alternative solutions
September 4, 2023

Sunday September 3rd: The Divine Plan

‘You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do.”

Matthew 16:21-27

Jesus’s revelation is met with Peter’s well-intentioned but misguided response, reflecting the human struggle to understand the divine plan. Peter’s reaction to Jesus’ words is understandable. He loves Jesus and doesn’t want to see him suffer.

Jesus’s stern rebuke to Peter highlights the stark contrast between human thinking and God’s purpose. Peter is thinking like a human being, who is naturally afraid of suffering. But Jesus is thinking like God, who knows that suffering is sometimes necessary for redemption.

Jesus’s message about self-denial, taking up one’s cross, and following him underscores the essence of Christian discipleship. It challenges the common pursuit of self-preservation and calls for a radical transformation of priorities

The passage invites us to reflection on our own responses to challenges and suffering. Like Peter, we often resist difficult circumstances, but Jesus’s example teaches us to align our will with God’s even when we don’t fully understand.

The call to take up our cross resonates as an encouragement to face life’s trials with faith and endurance which is the essence of our Christian faith.