Trinity TV’s Telethon 2023: A Week of Entertainment and Giving
September 1, 2023
Sunday September 3rd: The Divine Plan
September 3, 2023

Saturday September 2nd: Why are we here?

Come and join in your master’s happiness

Matthew 25:14 – 30

Sometimes I feel like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show on some cosmic TV show for God’s entertainment. If you’ve ever questioned your existence or reason for life, you’re definitely not alone.
Whether it’s to prove ourselves worthy of heaven, redeem ourselves after original sin, or God simply has not revealed it to us, we need to live in the world and still do our best to grow and multiply.
Anyone that hides away in a locked room not interacting with others can avoid the temptation of sin, but it means that they have not availed themselves of situations to do good and do not grow.
I pray today that God reveals ways for me to use my talents to grow His kingdom on earth so I can join in His happiness in heaven.