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August 30, 2023
What Catholic women want to know: Interview with Fr Jayson Grell
August 31, 2023

Thursday August 31st: A Call for Vigilance

“So, stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming.”

Matthew 24: 42-51

Recently there have been so many violent home invasions, which have caused the population to become hyper-vigilant towards the criminal element. In response, we not only build up the walls of our homes, but we may also build up the walls of our hearts; refusing to dialogue in love or speak forgiveness and hope to these dark situations. We have become very suspicious of one another and speak to and about each other in the most violent of ways.

Today’s Gospel passage teaches us a salient lesson about the type of vigilance we need in our society. We must ask Christ to invade our hearts and to break down the walls of division and despair. May we never be like the dishonest servants isolating ourselves in self-indulgence or abusing our misguided brothers and sisters as we await the coming of the Master who brings definitive justice and peace. These actions do not protect us but rather degrade and imprison us. Let us practice fidelity and prudence asking Christ to always “confirm our hearts in holiness”.