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August 30, 2023
Sir’ Michael – champion of Aripo, mayor of Cumaca
August 30, 2023

Family love for ‘Daddy Nico’

The Precious Blood Prayer Group welcomed one of its longstanding and faithful members, Lionel Nicholas, fondly called ‘Daddy Nico’, to its prayer meeting on Thursday, August 10.

He created a bit of history that night, probably being the oldest attendee at the prayer meeting at age 99 years, 2 months. He is still willing to show support for the group and his children.

He was present to lend support to his son, Artherly, who was the feature speaker and shared some love with members of the group he had not seen for awhile. He even shared a prophecy, “The Lord said to keep our eyes on Him”.

What faithfulness. What fatherly love.

Attending the meeting with Daddy Nico was his daughter, Greer, his daughter-in-law, Laura, and his granddaughter, Christie-Ann.

Greer is a true daughter in every sense. She was transcribing what was being said so he could follow the meeting, as his hearing is not 100 per cent. What family love.

May the Lord continue to bless Daddy Nico and his family as he continues to give praises to God for the gift of life.

—Judy Maryoung-St Martin