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August 30, 2023
For Love of country
August 30, 2023

Country’ harvest, Mayaro Parish Family Fest 2023

Nestled in the south-eastern corner of Trinidad is the beautiful seaside destination, Mayaro. Miles of beautiful beaches along with one of the many historic landmarks in the southeastern peninsula – the Sts Peter and Paul RC Church.

Harvest is a big thing in these parts. After a long hiatus, the parish harvest was rebranded – Mayaro Parish Family Fest 2023.

Our parish’s Events and Planning Committee and parishioners spearheaded by Fr Jeffrey Supersad organised their Family Fest and Harvest on Sunday, July 2.

The day was truly a blessing as persons came from far and wide from the various parishes throughout the country to celebrate and enjoy the day with us.

The day began with Mass, and afterwards there was the blessing of the various stalls such as punch board, Tin Pan Alley, ‘dunk de priest’ (which was fun) and other traditional games and stalls.

The kids were not to be left out as they had face painting, chair plane rides, bouncy castles and other engaging activities. With the assistance of the Mayaro Fire Station and especially for the children, Santa Claus made a guest appearance. Yes, Santa in July! Santa came on a firetruck and distributed gifts to children 12 and under.

Food is a staple with any country harvest. People were in for a treat as the lunches provided were both varied and delicious. There was chip chip and creole rice, coo coo, provision, pigeon peas and fish, oil down with or without pigtail and other finger-licking dishes. Nice too bad!

As the day progressed there was lots of live entertainment: Cadenza Steel Orchestra from Mayaro, The Fire Services band of Trinidad and Tobago, a parang side Parranderos de San Raphael, a DJ, Marva Newton & Kairi Kaiso band and other artistes.

Additionally, what was remarkable was the wide cross section of people both old and young forming a conga line and ‘chipping’ along to the music.

Truly an inclusion, fellowship and community building experience.

It would be remiss if we didn’t say THANK YOU to: Almighty God for a truly beautiful day; the parishioners of St Peter and Paul RC Church for their warm hospitality; the Events and Planning Committee and stall holders for their unwavering support; the entertainers who came and gave their time and talent; all parishioners from the various parishes who came; Fr Supersad for his steadfast support.

All in all, it was a truly successful, beautiful and blessed day. See you for a bigger and better than ever Family Fest 2024. —Mayaro parishioner