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August 22, 2023
Through The Eyes of A Child
August 23, 2023

Wednesday August 23rd: All equal

“Why should you be envious because I chose to be generous?”

Matthew 20:1-16

There is a tendency to gauge our worth by what we do, measuring it up against what others do. And this is more-so when we consider the ‘Johnny come latelys’. Where they was when things was really tight and all the donkeywork was being done to get things off the ground? What right they have, now, to be in the spotlight claiming equal recognition after all has been said and done! This is true about home, the workplace and even church.

Jesus sets us straight in this parable highlighting some truths about the kingdom and the worth and value of each subject. Each is valued and treasured, not so much for what we do but for who we are: beloved children of God, called to share in His inheritance even if in the eyes of others, we don’t seem to deserve it.

It doesn’t matter if “you ent wash your foot and you just jump in” or if you there since fore-day morning. All of we is one famalay, equal among equals!