Religious heads contemplate Christian identity, international funding

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August 15, 2023
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August 15, 2023

Religious heads contemplate Christian identity, international funding


The St Lucia Christian Council found itself in a “contemplative” position regarding laws promoting homosexuality on the island, said a Loop St Lucia News report, August 3.

The online news source reported Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire of Castries emphasised the importance of preserving the country’s Christian identity regardless of any international pressures or repercussions.

The Council drew attention to a recent incident in Jamaica, where the Government declined diplomatic immunity to a same-sex partner of a US diplomat, resulting in conflicts with the United States.

According to the Loop report, the Archbishop highlighted the challenges of choosing between accepting homosexuality and facing potential financial consequences from international institutions.

He cautioned against prioritising financial gains over moral values, warning that such a decision could lead to eventual destruction.

The article mentioned Archbishop Christian Glasgow, head of the Anglican Church, “admires” Cuba’s fortitude in dealing with similar issues and urged St Lucia to brace for potential hardships if they reject the homosexuality agenda.

“We may not have the same natural resources here as other places, but we have resources, and the first major resource is our people,” he told reporters.

Archbishop Glasgow suggested finding a balance between protecting moral values and addressing practical concerns for the well-being of the people. He believes it doesn’t have to be an either-or situation but rather an integration of both.

“There can be a balance. We’ve seen the balance in other countries. What is going to be important is that our people, our government, be prepared to stand and withstand the consequences of trying to be independent. To be able to say thank you, no thank you, but we’ll band our belly and face what is ahead of us.”

The Christian Council then called on the Government to learn from other countries that have stood firm against homosexuality, accepting, and surviving the consequences from the international community.

The Council advocates for a thoughtful and measured approach that upholds St Lucia’s moral principles while navigating the complexities of international relations.