Wednesday August 9th: Great Faith
August 9, 2023
Democracy: responsibility of the government to its citizens
August 10, 2023

Thursday August 10th: A Grain of Wheat

“…unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies…”

John 12: 24-26

If a grain of wheat remains stagnant, then it remains just that – a grain of wheat. If it falls and dies, however, it splits open, and then gives way to new growth and new life.
Each one of us is like that grain of wheat, with natural potential for newness of life. We first must learn, however, the secret to dying to ourselves and our self-absorbed concerns. How do we discover that secret? When we begin to lose ourselves in the love and light of God and His Word, putting Him first in every aspect of our lives, trusting totally in Him and serving Him faithfully, then we discover the great spiritual adventure for which we are all created.
Our lives take on new depth and new meaning as we walk and talk with the Lord, not only in our own journey, but also in the life circumstances of those with whom we interrelate. We discover the joy of selfless living.