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Tell A Vision

By Daniel Francis

It is hard to overstate the power of God but there is a trick to utilising His power in our lives. It is no secret that God can multiply small amounts into great amounts, and I am not just talking about when Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fish to feed thousands. If you can firmly understand and put into practice what I am about to share with you then you will tap into the limitless potential that God can bestow in your life.

I want to start with a personal story. This year I made it a point to do a ‘hard reset’ on myself. Hard reset meaning that I wanted to put focus on the areas of my life that I had been neglecting for too long. I started with my health. This is an area that I am well acquainted with. In no time at all I was able to zone in on working out more frequently and eating a well-balanced diet. In a few months, I had achieved my health goals as a result. The area I chose to focus on next was where the difficulty lay: my finances.

I have no shame in saying that I am bad with money. Not only that but I have a poor mindset when it comes to making money which is something that was very difficult to admit to myself. Understanding all this before I attempted to focus on bettering my financial position, I did what any good Catholic would do which was pray on it and read my Bible.

These days God has been very vocal when I pray to Him, so I was very pleased when He gave me many options on possible avenues for bettering my financial mentality. One of which was a book that I left collecting dust for some years now. It focused on wealth and God was urging me to go read it and He reminded me of an exercise that could help me chase avenues to increase my income.

I read the book and it was exactly what I needed at that moment. God again, right. Outside of the amazing tips and life lessons I received from reading the book, it outlined a principle called ‘Tell a Vision’ which I ran with. It is this basic idea that God can easily multiply anything that we bring forward but for Him to multiply, we need to bring something forward. He can’t multiply 0.

Whether that something be an idea, a vision for our future or physical capital. I realised that over the years, as I had a bad relationship with money, it was always difficult for me to envision what I wanted financially because I did not truly believe I could attain it. And you cannot come to God with uncertainty because that is as good as coming with nothing for Him to multiply.

This time was different, and I was more confident in myself. I prayed again and I told God how much I wanted to increase my earnings by specifically and what I would be bringing forward to Him. He was particularly quiet, but I remembered that I still had an exercise I needed to do. By the way, anyone can use this process and I would encourage you to. It’s called a challenge question. You write down a specific challenge you are having, for example, “How do I make X amount of money more per month?” Then each day you set aside 10 minutes and you write down as many plausible answers to that question as you can.

After a few days of doing that exercise you will potentially have hundreds of plausible actions you can take. When I did this exercise and began actioning some of the ideas it was amazing how God lined things up  so perfectly to help me achieve my goal. I had the right conversation with the right person at the right time to help me achieve my target and that could only be God.

But for me, and by extension everyone reading this, to make our visions a reality, we must be able to clearly articulate to God what it is we want and wholeheartedly believe that He will help us achieve it. There can be no doubt and we must move forward fearlessly even if we do not know the process just yet. God will show the way, we simply need to tell a vision.


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