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August 10, 2023
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August 10, 2023

Bishop exhumed


The sacred remains of Bishop Anthony Gerard Butler who died in 1901 were exhumed and buried under the main altar of the Cathedral Crypt, the place where all the Bishops should be buried.

Bishop Francis Alleyne of Georgetown, in the comment section of the Brickdam RC Cathedral Guyana’s Facebook post said that the relocation of Bishop Butler to the Crypt has been talked about for some years and “I am grateful to Fr Joel Rathna for getting things in train for it to happen.”

Bishop Butler was entombed under the tower of the old Cathedral as there was no crypt because of the high water table in Georgetown. When the old Cathedral burned down, Bishop Butler’s tomb was left open to the elements.

Bishop Alleyne wrote the present Cathedral has a crypt under the high sanctuary and the only two bishops entombed there are Bishop Compton Galton and Bishop Benedict Singh. All the other deceased bishops died out of country.