Monday August 7th: The Breaking of the Bread
August 7, 2023
Wednesday August 9th: Great Faith
August 9, 2023

Tuesday August 8th: Recognizing Jesus

‘Courage! It is I! Do not be afraid.’

Matthew 14: 22-36

It happens often in our lives that we are hit by storms. It may be the death of a loved one, a financial crisis or worse. At these times we become desperate because though we prayed, it seems that the raging waves would sink our boat of life. We think that God is absent.

It is at these times that a family member or trusted friend comes to our rescue, and we find it hard to believe that this help was sent by God. Jesus appears to us through others that we meet but we of little faith do not want to believe.

When the disciples were in a similar stormy situation, they could not see Jesus and they thought it was a ghost coming to them. Often when Jesus comes to help us, we do not recognize him.

Lord, may I have the faith to call on you when I am in need and recognize you when you come. Amen