Sunday August 6th: The Transfiguration
August 6, 2023
Tuesday August 8th: Recognizing Jesus
August 8, 2023

Monday August 7th: The Breaking of the Bread

‘And breaking the loaves he handed them to his disciples, who gave them to the crowds.’

Matthew 14: 13-21

Besides the resurrection, the feeding of five thousand plus is the only miracle which is mentioned in all four Gospels. There are apparent Eucharistic components in the story; particularly the hallowed and symbolic way in which Jesus prayed, blessed and broke the bread prior to it being distributed by the disciples. The breaking of the bread is very important because it indicates sharing and not merely eating.

The Eucharist is a celebration amongst a sharing and faithful community. If the act of sharing what we have been blessed with in life is not taking place, then the Eucharist becomes a ritualistic sham, a whitewashed tomb full of dead people’s bones.

Almighty and Giving God, we receive so much from you, and therefore have much to give in return. Help us to share in the blessings of giving as well as the happiness of receiving, so that Your love may be more widely shared, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.