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August 2, 2023
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August 2, 2023

Boomers, Zoomers and Alphas, who’s next?

By Finbar Garcia

Welcome back. Let’s continue with the many generations. I last ended with the Zoomers, so what about Alpha and the next generations beginning in 2025? We refer to these as Beta (2025–2039), Gamma (2040–2054) and then Delta (2055–2069).
The Alpha generation, born from 2010 up to 2025, are and will be exposed to a fully digital world. From birth, they got tablets and other smart devices as gifts, their nimble fingers and well-programmed brain could search any device to find information they desire. The internet is part of their daily lives, not when we were kids and had to use encyclopaedias to do research for school work – they can teach the older generation if needed.
This generation has been born at a time when fertility rates across the world are falling and are experiencing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic as young children, where some will be left behind due to lack of technology at their homes.
This will have serious implications to social programmes in years to come, as there will be fewer persons working and some may even migrate for a better life.
No longer are there days of families with many children. It’s unfortunate that those with many children are from the lower end of the financial spectrum. What needs to be done with those left behind at the lower end of this sector, are social programmes to foster skills and encourage tradesmen to establish registered businesses.
The changing use of technology in classrooms and other aspects of life had a significant effect on how this generation has experienced learning compared to other generations. What is of concern are allergies, obesity and other health issues related to screen time.

Here are some facts about the Alpha generation:
1. Estimated that 2.8 million Alpha members are born each year worldwide.
2. By 2025 that population will be estimated at 2 billion.
3. Strong brand affinity, especially with food and drink.
4. Look for the newest devices.
5. Growing in TikTok, Roblox and Zoom in popularity.
6. Life expectancy is 73 years, 16 per cent longer than Millennials.

With these facts mentioned, they will work for organisations that encompass their values and do things that benefit society: they want to serve a purpose. They are independent when it comes to making decisions and managing their digital identities; expect them to be thinkers and solvers while being creative. However, they will be asking questions more than any other generation. Their technological advancement makes them the most globally connected generation in history.
With all this in mind, what should we expect with the Alpha generation when it comes to investments? They will be looking for security investments that generate excess returns with limited or no risk, these include government bonds, foreign stocks, or derivatives like stock options.
They will be looking at how much an investment return exceeds its expected returns based on the level of risk.
On the other hand, the Beta generation (to come) will measure how volatile an asset is compared to overall markets.
Having looked at so many generations, a lot has changed over the years and many more changes will come, but what will remain constant is the fact that once there is birth, there will be death. Once there is work, there will be retirement, and once you are living, there will be need for medical.
Having said this, regardless of the generation you belong to, proper planning is of paramount importance. With all the technology around today for these budding generations, securing your future and that of your family should be number one.
Life insurance should not be considered a special need programme, but a mandatory part of planning. Think of it as ‘Love Insurance’. Not to be left behind are your Critical illness and Retirement programmes, as no number of smart devices and technology can save you or your family without the financial support in place.
Life continues beyond your retirement age, and with fewer and fewer families having many children, this can leave you in a difficult position if there is no one to look after or assist you in your golden years.
This is food for thought.
When you realise just how beautiful life is and how privileged you are to be alive to witness the miracles around you….You will tilt your head back and smile gratefully at the sky….and say, ‘Thank You God’ (Unknown).

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