Sunday July 30th: The Gift of a Priceless Treasure
July 30, 2023
Farewell to Porto, off to Lisbon
July 31, 2023

Monday July 31st: Mustard Seed Beginnings

“The kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field.”

Matthew 13:31-35

It matters not how small, how seemingly insignificant it might look, how dottish others feel it is, it’s really the potential that matters. History has proven it! The Mustard Seed Community in Jamaica, true to its name, started off small, serving a few marginalized persons. And now, look at the impact.

SERVOL here in T&T started with a conversation with a small group of fellas…but the initiator saw the potential. SERVOL has spread its branches today! Look around and you will see similar examples in your community, in your country…mustard seed beginnings!

So, what you waiting for? I sure you have some idea in your head, a dream somewhere in your heart that could be life changing for others in your family or community. As small or minuscule as it might be, the potential lies in the seed.

Plant it in Faith, water it with prayer, work it as if you believe that one day its branches will shelter “birds of the air.”

Come on Kingdom Builder, this parable is about you and me …it is for all of we!