Saturday July 29th: If only…
July 29, 2023
Monday July 31st: Mustard Seed Beginnings
July 31, 2023

Sunday July 30th: The Gift of a Priceless Treasure

‘The kingdom of heaven is like … a treasure …a pearl of great value…a net full of every kind of fish”

Matthew 13: 44-52

When we find something that is of great value to us, we never want to part from it. We do everything we can to keep it in our lives. So, it is when we have found the Love of the Lord in our lives. Nothing can replace that Love and certainly, no ‘thing’ can replace it.
We truly achieve spiritual maturity when we recognize that everything which we considered really important before, is no longer as important as we thought it to be, standing in the light of the Kingdom of Heaven. We experience unspeakable joy when we accept that what must come first in our lives is a radical trust in the Lord, our surrender to His Will and His providential purpose for each of us.
Only within that framework should we then seek after the things of the world that we need. But so often, we live our lives in the opposite way. Let us pray for the grace to always put Christ first.