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July 28, 2023
Sunday July 30th: The Gift of a Priceless Treasure
July 30, 2023

Saturday July 29th: If only…

Sts. Martha, Mary and Lazarus

“Lord, if you had been there”

John 11: 19 -27

Martha good, eh?
You could be so? Look how long them send to call Jesus to tell him that Lazarus was sick. He come four days after dey brother dead, and he come normal normal.
You have that kinda belly? You so faithful? Talk the truth? If I was Martha, I would be blue vex.
Then Jesus talking bout “Oh he go rise again”,
She say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know bout that, but we wanted some help now. Ask God nah….”
He say, “But look meh here! I am the resurrection”
And she just believe him, eh?
You could be so?
I eh go lie, I does have my Martha moments too, when no matter how bad things get, I does still believe that God will come and save me and sometimes is years later that I can look back at a crisis and see that God was really making way for a greater miracle in my life.
If you hold on in your darkest moments, way past that time when everyone thinks that you should give up, trust and believe that something miraculous is waiting for you!