Sunday July 23rd: The yeast of the righteous
July 23, 2023
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July 24, 2023

Monday July 24th: Blessed be The Listening Ear

The word has power, yet we demand signs.

Matthew 12:38-42

“Seeing is believing” is one of society’s favourite mantras. In the spiritual life though, when did we start giving more prominence to the physical eyes than to the open heart and discerning ear?
It was by the very word of God that everything we see came into being. Jonah spoke out against the sins of a nation, and the people repented. A queen travelled far from her home to hear the words of wisdom of the wisest man on earth. At the words of one who was thought to be a stranger, the hearts of the men on the way to Emmaus was set ablaze. The word has power, yet we demand signs.
A discerning ear can hear authority, authenticity, passion, courage, conviction, and truth”
When we cannot hear, we deny ourselves healing.
When we cannot hear, we close ourselves to repentance.
When we cannot hear, we refuse salvation.
When we cannot hear, we miss God.
Grant us oh Lord a listening ear, that we may hear your voice in those around us and seek salvation.