Saturday July 22nd: Be determined to find Jesus!

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July 21, 2023
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July 23, 2023

Saturday July 22nd: Be determined to find Jesus!

“They have taken my Lord away … and I don’t know where they have put him.”

John 20: 1-2. 11-18

Today we turn to the example of Mary Magdalene. Mary starts her day and week seeking out Jesus. For it was “the first day of the week” and “still dark” when Mary went to the tomb. Mary is so determined to find Jesus that she weeps when she learns that Jesus is not there.

Are we like Mary Magdalene? Do we start our week and our day seeking out Jesus? Do we look for him in the places we can find him? Are we sad when we separate ourselves from him through sin? Are there times when we feel that God is not with us even though we’ve been looking everywhere for him? Do we shout for joy when we are reunited with Christ?

May God give us the strength, like Mary Magdalene, to look repeatedly for Jesus. May the angels comfort us while we cry and may they lead us to Jesus so that we in turn can say to each other, “I have seen the Lord!” Amen.