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July 21, 2023
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San Juan Girls’ taught elegance and etiquette

‘Together We Strive for Excellence’ is and has been the motto of San Juan Girls’ RC School for many years. The principal and staff have strived to assist the pupils in achieving this motto by exposing the students to the holistic dynamics of life. One of the objectives for the recent term in our School Development Plan (SDP) 2022–2023 was to empower and motivate the students through real life experiences.

As the entire school population returned to the physical school environment in 2022, after Covid, the staff recognised that some of the students lacked motivation, self-confidence, socialisation skills, proper mannerism skills and deportment.

The School Based Management (SBM) team led by Ms Britto, the outgoing team lead, embarked upon a programme to show the students what elegance and etiquette was all about. This would provide an opportunity to allow the students to exhibit all the skills training they received during the term. The culmination of which was a formal dinner entitled a ‘Touch of Elegance’.

The process

During the academic year, and throughout this last academic term, students were trained by Defence Force and Coast Guard personnel, the founder of Minding Manners Institute and the school’s principal in the art of fine dining, etiquette, and social skills.

Additionally, students were further educated on poetry, skin care treatment, dental care, the art of meditation, and career opportunities. They were also given motivational talks from an established past pupil who is training to become a flight attendant, and journalist and meteorologist Seigonie Mohammed.

The product

As the doors of the Maitagual Community Center opened Wednesday, July 5, a mass of students and parents all decked in their formal attire filled the auditorium. They were welcomed and served by the assiduous staff of the school who ensured that the ambience, photo booth, decor of the hall and service of the two-course meal were second to none.

After the welcome address by the Principal, Ms Gordon, the students raised their champagne glasses to toast to a lovely evening. Then ensuring that their napkins were placed gingerly on their laps, the students, armed with their knives and forks, delved into their main course.

The evening ended incident free with hampers being awarded to students and parents. Both students and parents left with the comment, “It was fantastic. Can’t wait for next year!”

The Principal and staff thank all stakeholders who assisted in making the event the success that it was. God bless you all. —Sharon Gordon, Principal