Saturday July: 15th Do not be afraid
July 15, 2023
Monday July 17th: What does your cross look like?
July 17, 2023

Sunday July 16th: A Sower went out to sow

“But some seeds fell on rich soil, whoever has ears ought to hear.”

Matthew 13:1-23

Our world has an awe-inspiring magnificence of its own. God, our divine Sower, has sown rich and beautiful seeds upon the earth. All of us have been specially endowed to receive, to grow, to blossom and to produce. We have a fundamental right to live our lives in whatever way we desire. However, this ‘right’ should be under God’s guidance.
Although living combines rocky with rich moments, life can still produce a hundredfold. The rockiness of our society is choking us, and we feel as though we are being scattered all around on different soil types. The Sower is inviting us to plant our hearts deep within the sacred soil, God’s Word. Here we will be nourished and will grow to become a harvest of hundredfold. The wealth of God never wanes, it satisfies the heart. We may stumble through rocky patches and be scratched by the thorns of life but once we are firmly rooted in the sacred soil we will not wither. Whoever has ears ought to hear.