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July 13, 2023
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July 14, 2023

Friday July 14th: Sheep Among Wolves

“Do not worry about how to speak…the spirit of your Father will be speaking in you.”

Matthew 10: 16 – 23

Jesus sent the disciples out like sheep among wolves, which, by the world’s standards, is not a very good strategy. The wolves will tear the sheep to pieces in minutes.

But Jesus does not follow society’s standards, because His kingdom is not of this world. Jesus’ kingdom operates by a different set of values and proclaims a different message. In Jesus’ kingdom the meek will inherit the earth and a little child will be the greatest model.

Though the sheep are no match for the wolves, sooner or later, because of Jesus, the sheep will teach the wolves valuable lessons and will eventually stand victorious. Don’t be afraid of being a sheep among wolves. Jesus is always on the side of the sheep. And if the Lord is on our side, who can stand against us?

The sheep are not going out in fear, but in faith. If we are disciples who are sent out among wolves today, go in faith. Trust Jesus who sends us out into the world.