Tuesday July 11th: Jesus Heals a Mute Demoniac
July 11, 2023
Thursday July 13th: Freely you have received, freely give
July 13, 2023

Wednesday July 12th: Empowered for Mission

Go and preach the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Matthew 10 1-7

Can you remember being called by name and sent on a mission with words like ‘Johnny, come and take this and go to the shop and purchase a butter loaf, and do not stray, but go directly and return’?

You were filled with a mixture of feelings- proud to have been chosen, excited to go out on the street but also fearful that you will complete the mission correctly. So, it must have been for the disciples in today’s Gospel.

Each of us, by our baptism, has been individually called and sent on mission- to build the kingdom. We also are filled with mixed feelings. But we remember, like Johnny, we are empowered to complete the task, with power against unclean spirits and to heal all manner of sickness and disease.

Let us pray and ask Jesus to give us the confidence and courage to fulfill our mission – to preach and build the kingdom of heaven.