Obeying the Father’s command in The Holy Land
July 10, 2023
Wednesday July 12th: Empowered for Mission
July 12, 2023

Tuesday July 11th: Jesus Heals a Mute Demoniac

The harvest is rich, but the labourers are few; so ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers to His harvest.

Matthew 9: 32-38

Jesus heals a mute demoniac who has been brought to Him for healing and the people are amazed at His demonstrated powers. But the Pharisees feel threatened by Jesus’ power and make every effort to disparage His action.
This causes Jesus to redouble His work of teaching the people, proclaiming the Good News and healing those who are ill. He recognizes that the people are hapless and helpless – indeed, ‘like sheep without a shepherd’ and He therefore must lead them.
We are those people when we choose to live our lives without acknowledging our need for God. Too many of us are still lost and live wretched lives in the belly of the beast, but foolishly think that we are fine. It is no wonder then that Jesus directs His disciples to pray that the “Lord of the Harvest” will “send labourers” to the Harvest.
We need strong evangelists to bring the wretched unbelievers and the lost back to God. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all.