Sunday July 9th: All will be Revealed
July 9, 2023
Obeying the Father’s command in The Holy Land
July 10, 2023

Monday July 10th: Bother Jesus

“Your Faith has restored you.”

Matthew 9: 18-26

Jesus was speaking, when one of the officials came to Jesus to ask that Jesus bring his daughter back to life. Jesus did not say ‘I’ll come to you just now’, ‘Wait a minute’, ‘Can’t you see I am speaking’. Instead, he ‘rose and, with his disciples, followed him’. No hesitation to come to our need.
While on his way ‘from behind him’ a woman who was ill and suffering for many years touched his cloak, in faith, silently saying a prayer that Jesus would heal her from her long-suffering. ‘Jesus turned around’ from the course he was on, from the mission he was embarking on, and ‘saw’ the woman and spoke to her saying, ‘Your faith has restored you to health’. He then continued his journey.
These two stories clearly show Jesus wants us to ‘bother’ him, touch His cloak, ask for what we want, stare at him in silent adoration and prayer, begging for long-awaited healing. Come, bother Jesus and your faith will restore you to health.