Thursday July 6th: Divine Forgiveness and its Healing Power
July 6, 2023
Put praise FIRST
July 6, 2023

Poem: The Choice

Living the best of both worlds was hard.

By Michelle Lee


Have we stopped to consider…

Are we running from one dilemma to another?

Love is not a feeling, but an action.

Did we delve into more rejection?


What we do not repair we repeat.

Are we visiting the past to “cool down” the heat?

Only one person brings joy to the heart.

His name is Jesus and there we must start.


What are we demonstrating by our cue?

Christ is the only one who makes us new.

No one is above the Laws of God.

Please resist from joining the worldly squad.


Emotions fly high when ego is satisfied.

For the moment, we may feel romanticised.

“Our heart is restless until it rests in the heart of Jesus.”

Boundaries are clear when He heals us.


We are a showcase of His glory.

His beauty ought to be visible in our life story.

How then can one stand on solid ground

Especially, if the way of Christ is rejected life long?


In His word He left His instructions.

Not a coping mechanism in man’s haven.

God must be first in our lives for all His blessings to flow.

To love Him is the beginning of real tempo