Mothers, time for the chat with your daughters

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July 5, 2023
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July 5, 2023

Mothers, time for the chat with your daughters

Jesus, we trust in you! Trust is an essential part of a relationship. In our relationship with the Lord, we try to place all our trust in Him and His providence as every day given to us is a gift from Him to begin and begin again in becoming more Christ-like each day.

Parents can be considered the face of God to their children. They are the first people a child relies on. Children trust that the adults who care for them will guide them to good ways of doing things and good endings.

In turn, parents and guardians are called to rely on the Lord in guiding and nurturing the little ones in their care.

There is no doubt that parents, guardians, and teachers face significant challenges in steering young people toward the truth and meaning of their bodies and sexuality. In a society that can be considered hyper-sexualised, what are shepherds of the young sheep to do?

Remembering the importance of their role in the formation of young ones is part of the solution. Knowing the truth and how to impart it is also part of the answer. However, it is also imperative to know what to bring into our homes and environments of these impressionable minds and hearts.

BOMA-TT offers a ‘Mother and Daughter Time’ programme that assists mothers or guardians of young females in understanding their body and how it functions considering the Church’s teachings on human sexuality.

Is your daughter going through puberty with questions on her mind?

Are you looking for assistance in launching the conversation about her developing body?

Is she moody?

Does she have a negative body image?

Are there changes in her eating and sleep patterns?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, we await your call, message, or email! What is offered is a gentle start-up of what ideally should be ongoing conversations about her body in the context of her self-worth, how she interacts with the world, how she grows in trusting the Lord with everything, even her very sexuality.

Many adult women never really had conversations about the menstrual cycle with their mothers. It thus becomes a novel situation that can be somewhat intimidating for mothers.

Perhaps your daughter is already on an app to chart her menstrual cycle. Perhaps the app is giving her information that you have never discussed with her, and she needs you to put it into context for her but is not sure how to ask for help.

These can be awkward conversations; however, the ‘Mother and Daughter Time’ provides the opportunity to share with and care for young women.

The programme offers some information about the body, but more importantly, a guided space for talking with your young lady about the beauty of her body, God’s gift of fertility, and the changes that can lead to motherhood such as menstrual cycles including ovulation. There will be time to discuss respect for the sacredness of human life, the virtue of waiting for a future spouse, and other confidential conversations.

What about young men?  If there are fathers interested in talking with their sons in a similar programme, where the development of the male and female body would be discussed, please let us know.

BOMA-TT continues to offer the ‘Is Love Forever?’ programme for all young people. If there are schools or youth groups interested in discussing the Church’s teachings on human sexuality, we invite you to contact us to book the programme.

The Billings Ovulation Method® embraces the truth of sexuality, the fact that every life is precious since it was created and loved by God who made us in His own image and likeness.

We promote health, wholeness, and beauty – the beauty of God’s gift of fertility and the wonder of being created male or female. We promote respect for self and for others; a refusal to see or use others as objects for pleasure; a conviction that we have been created for love, the kind that God promotes, and which will lead us to Heaven.


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