RC schools to SEA students: Blossom wherever you are placed
July 3, 2023
Wednesday July 5th: Held hostage in darkness
July 5, 2023

Tuesday July 4th: Questions and Answers

I pray I remember these answers.

Matthew 8: 23 – 27

Each time I read a Gospel passage I have questions and answers; sometimes there are more questions than answers and always, lots of food for thought.

Today’s Gospel is no exception. When Jesus is asleep, is he still aware of my storms? Does the risen Jesus ever sleep? Is Jesus saying we should solve our own problems? When I call on Him is it because I lack faith? Should I try to find solutions and then call on Him?

Questions like these plague my mind each time I read the Gospels. I eventually tell myself; this is what God is saying to me today, but He may say something else the next time I read this Gospel.
The answers I got today are – Storms can come up unexpectedly. We should exercise faith and try to calm our own storms. Do not be afraid, just call out to Jesus.

I pray I remember these answers.