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June 29, 2023
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Beyond Friendship – Mausica Teachers’ College reunite

By Anna Maria Mora
(MTC 1968–1970)

Mausica Teachers’ College (MTC), founded in 1963, was located on Mausica Road, D’Abadie, South of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway. It was part of the impetus to create a specialised series of Teachers’ Colleges.

“Dr Eric Eustace Williams, the first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, who led the country to full internal self-government, and then to Independence, was determined to bring the necessary education to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, without the long exile from family and country that study abroad necessitated.” (Taken from the draft commemorative magazine’s Introduction written by Linda Edwards, lecturer)

MTC was born from that desire and will be celebrating 60 years since its inception. At the time of its founding MTC’s motto was ‘Moulding a Nation through Service’. During its 16 years of existence the College trained 3,200 young teachers for service in primary and secondary schools throughout T&T.

At the residential facility, students spent two years in dormitory-style living arrangements. Our lecturers also lived on Campus. This arrangement afforded students the opportunity to receive much needed assistance outside the regular classroom hours.

It was not unusual for students to occupy the floor in a lecturer’s living room. We prepared charts, composed visual aids to assist our students to understand a mathematical concept, or cut pictures from magazines to ensure that our classrooms for teaching practice were vibrant and encouraged students’ learning. The lecturers ensured that the learning experiences stayed with us throughout our teaching careers and beyond.

MTC graduates brought a sense of professionalism to the teaching profession in Trinidad and Tobago. Even after MTC closed its doors, teacher-training at Valsayn Teachers’ College continued to provide graduates with the professional skills for their vocation.

In the mid and late seventies, when the country faced an economic downturn, many MTC graduates migrated. As educators, they continued to mould the minds and hearts of children in metropolitan countries.

Over the years, these ‘Mausicans’ look forward to the college reunions, because it affords them an opportunity to return home and reconnect with colleagues and friends.

One of our Canadian Mausicans, Brenda Alexander, was on a cruise to the Caribbean in June. While her ship was in port in Trinidad, she contacted colleague and friend Thora Best, who met her dockside and Brenda was able to pay for the upcoming reunion.

For me, this and other similar acts of kindness signify the meaning of this year’s reunion theme Beyond Friendship carded for July 17–22. A friend, a colleague, giving of himself or herself to assist another. I am sure, we can all recount similar tales of friendship that have withstood the test of time and distance.

MTC Alumni has also formed a Mausica Teachers’ College Foundation, (MTCF) with two Chapters, one in Canada and one in T&T.

Our colleagues in Canada approached us with the idea of granting scholarships and bursaries to  students at the undergraduate level of the Bachelor of Education Programme at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT).

We happily became the MTCF and illustrated what Beyond Friendship really means. The aim is to create a legacy for the MTC.

The award(s) will be based on academic merit and financial need. A Memorandum of Understanding and policy document to give effect to the Scholarship was signed between MTCF and UTT September 28, 2022.

It is my wish that we will use this reunion not only to reconnect, but to share our untold stories that go beyond friendship.

Dr Hazel Ann Gibbs De Peza is the Chairman of the MTCF (Trinidad) Committee, and Conrad Thomas is the Canadian Committee Chair. In the first semester of Academic Year 2022–2023 three students received scholarships and five students were beneficiaries of bursaries.

I would like to add here the fact that our theme Beyond Friendship was created by Organising Committee Member, Carlston Gray (MTC 1972–1974) I quote:

“Beyond Friendship” are the caring voices of women and men who I met 60 years ago.

Loving arms of Mausicans outstretched to help me up if I fall.

Beyond friendship, a bond grew, and we are now more than friends.

We are Family.”


Organising Committee:

Angela McAlister, Anna Maria Mora, Brenda Alexander, Carol Brown, Carlston Gray, Howard Spencer, Lloyd Anthony Creed, Sheila Warner, Thora Best.

You still have time to be part of this anniversary celebration. A registration form and further information will be

sent to you.


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