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June 22, 2023
Friday June 23rd: Spiritual Treasures
June 23, 2023

Poem: Friends

By Rosetta Ransome

Ann is deep into spirituality.

She studied psychology.

Responded without a doubt.

When I invited her

To a pilgrimage in south

Kudos to her

For her helping me

To be the best version of myself

Mary, married for fifty years plus.

Also celebrates her birthday in August.

She travels for many miles.

To give me fruits from her garden

When she smiles

We could barely see her eyes.

Camille, the survivor

The prayer warrior,

A friend, a sister

We speak every day.

And share the same birthday.

Linda has a special light.

That makes a room so bright.

Like Mother Theresa

She radiates a joy to others.

Linda is also adventurous and humorous.

All my friends have Trinidad nationality.

Yet each one has a different personality.

Only one is friend Central.

All my friends are so religious.