Free symposium held to honour trailblazer, ‘Dom Basil’
June 20, 2023
A look at labour
June 21, 2023

Wednesday June 21st: Where God Resides

“Jesus teaches us another way, the way of righteousness/piety.”

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 

Many years ago, I worked in a community and together we came up with the idea that the work we were doing was acting out of the heart; that the heart is that secret place where God resides in the person and the people of the community. It is where we start from, in building community, from inside out – encountering God in that secret place in ourselves and in others through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
In our consumerist world culture, we give much credence to displaying our charity and virtuous deeds for others to see. After all, how else will people know about our Company, Corporation, NGO, Church, even about us, individuals. Jesus teaches us another way, the way of righteousness/piety – how to pray, give alms and fast. A way that is focused not on us but on God and others, especially those who are poor and marginalized in our communities. Key to our choices is where our hearts are.
Are we doing the right things for the wrong reasons?