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June 21, 2023
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June 21, 2023

Saluting Our Sellers: Edme Francois

We feature those unheralded persons in the parishes committed to selling this publication. We appreciate all who have contributed to this ministry over the years, helping to deliver this paper into the hands of the people in the pews.

Edme Francois, parishioner of St Theresa’s RC Church, Barataria – Persistent in asking, committed to selling!

Q: How long have you been involved in selling the paper?

I am a Lay Minister and a member of the Dominican Laity, and I have been involved in the sale of The Catholic News for the past 25 years.


Q: Why did you get involved?

This opportunity came when I was asked to assist after the person before me had passed. I did not hesitate to continue being the pro-active and vocal person I am in my parish, always willing and able to assist for the Glory of God and the building of Church.


Q: What value or significance do you get from being a Catholic News seller?

I value approaching persons to purchase The Catholic News. Most importantly, I find myself interacting with the parishioners and getting to know them better. As such, I have built a personal relationship with them, especially when they ask me to stand in the gap for their children, at Baptism, RCIA, funeral prayers and other events.


Q: What is your approach to encourage people to buy or read the paper in your parish?

In my parish, I use many approaches to encourage people to buy and read the paper. Some of which I can pull from my hat are announcing to them as they enter the church that a Catholic News is needed in your home today, making them aware of articles that would pique their interest, that are worth reading, and advising them to share with others in the household, friends, the workplaces, and doctors’ offices. I stress the importance to my parishioners of going over the readings of Sunday’s Liturgy and making them aware of the readings of the week. As a member of the Dominican Laity, I take pleasure in preaching and evangelising, so I encourage them to set aside time for this practice.


Q: How do you think the paper can be better promoted to Catholic faithful?

An important element is being persistent in asking and committed to selling the paper. Eventually you find they would buy. During announcements a reminder is given to collect your Catholic News on your way out. My personal goal each week is to ensure 100 per cent sale of Catholic News. Also, as a Minister of the Sick and Shut-in, I personally arrange to have The Catholic News delivered to their homes on my home visits.


Q: To be a seller, you most probably also read the paper. What are your favourite pages or columns?

Reading ‘Conversations with Archbishop J’ is a must for me. I think his column is very educational and takes my interest by storm. He teaches the doctrine which helps us to grow stronger in our faith. Personally, I learn things that I never knew before.

Keep reading this space as we continue to salute our sellers.