Sunday June 18th: You receive without charge, give without charge
June 18, 2023
Tuesday June 20th: Make a Choice
June 20, 2023

Monday June 19th: Allowing God to Do His Will

“If anyone requires you to go one mile, go two miles with him?”

Matthew 5: 38 – 42

We often talk about doing God’s will. Our daily prayer should be “thy will be done”. Throughout our life we would be faced with situations where we are “slapped on the cheek” yet we are called to turn the other cheek. As disciples of Christ, we should never return violence, injustice, or any attack with aggression. This takes patience, waiting on God and going the extra mile with those who wrong us. This is the measure of being a good disciple.

This is what it takes to wait on God to do his will. We need to be selfless and sacrificial. We should love like Christ. Loving those who do you wrong is the beginning of God’s will.

Lord Jesus, you gave us a model to live by. Help us to truly imitate you. Amen