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June 15, 2023
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June 15, 2023

Poem: The house

By Michelle Lee

There are people in it, but it seems empty.

This does not necessarily mean calamity…

No! It is our thought pattern.

The evil one’s tool to cause affliction.

Mother Mary, make our home sweet!

Are we hindered by a lost soul’s deceit?

We were born trained…

Sweet Jesus persisted in His suffering and still proclaimed.

Do we trust that God can do the impossible?

Or do we accept the framing of being corruptible…

Imagine the weak killing the strong.

Come on people of God, desist from being tagged along.

A lie of the devil; we are too bruised.

To be used.


Realising our worth in Christ is the lesson or we block the blessing.

Idolatry, could this be the cause of misery and our confessing?

Submit the horror to our Abba and bless the manipulator.

Pray for a soul to be healed with the Father’s love and favour.

The Blood of Jesus covered every sin.

Mine, yours, and the next of kin.

God led the Israelites in the wilderness for forty years!

To humble and test what was in their hearts and fears.

He came for us sinners and embodies forgiveness in our ways.

Man cannot live by bread alone but on every word He says.

The choice is ours to believe!

Are we being transformed by the Body and Blood we receive?

No one wants to be disciplined by pain and refining.

Yet God sent His only son to die so we can continue living.

Victory will be seen in our self-care.

If we allow Jesus Christ to steer.