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June 14, 2023
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June 14, 2023

We marched for Corpus Christi

The early morning Corpus Christi sun was warming up the atmosphere in the surroundings of St Anthony’s RC Church as the faithful of the parish began gathering for the march.

The morning Mass was still in progress so the gathering in the churchyard had to wait patiently for the conclusion of this liturgy before setting out.

As planned, after Mass the assembly started to organise themselves in the roadway just outside of the church with the canopy sheltering the priest who was holding the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament on display at the head of the procession.

This was followed by the altar servers and First Communion children who preceded the Confirmation candidates. The rest of the parishioners processed behind with the music truck and sound system containing the choir bringing up the rear.

This worshipping congregation began a slow forward march westwards on Morne Coco Road. There were devotees of all ages from primary school age to senior citizens and the parish had to cater for all ages and all stages of physical condition.

Prayerfully, the march moved forward following their route along the Morne Coco Road, with parishioners all the time reciting the rosary led from the truck. The sound from the truck was highly effective so all were able to follow without any problem.

The stream of praying people continued along the roadway with the recitation of the rosary interspersed with singing from the choir on the truck. We owe much thanks to those on the truck for keeping the congregation prayerfully active and alive.

The seemingly slow parade eventually turned right into Sierra Leone Road successfully displaying the Body of Jesus in the monstrance, which was held by the Moderator Fr Christopher Lumsden and at times by Deacon Peter Timothy. The canopy shading this body was held by four altar servers. This was a very demonstrative exercise where we proudly displayed our faith for all to see. Well done, Parish!

At the popular Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) junction, the cortège assembled in the clearing between KFC and the highway where there was a tent erected for Benediction. And so, the followers gathered around the tent with a spillage of personages easing themselves from the sun in the shade of the ‘fried chicken’ building to participate in the benediction which ensued.

The next course was the movement out of this space, made holy by the devotion which had just taken place, and back on to St Lucien Road where the event continued as before with prayers and the singing of hymns. The only change was that instead of the rosary, faithful now joined in on the Divine Mercy chaplet.

And so, this spirit-filled cavalcade turned up Majuba Cross Road and headed back up to the church. I must mention that on the last leg of this march the music from the truck became livelier and more rhythmical causing you to want to chip along Carnival style. I must confess that I yielded to the invitation (not temptation) to join in this dance movement and enjoyed it up to the churchyard.

Once in the yard all, or nearly all, went into the church for the final Benediction after which it was time, now filled with the Spirit, to wend your way homewards. Thank you, St Anthony’s, for this spiritual march to celebrate Corpus Christi.

—Felix Edinborough, parishioner