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Dads, you need some ‘me time’

Mindfulness, hot towel shaves, meditation, facials, nutrition, beard enhancement, scalp micropigmentation…What are these you ask? These are all terms synonymous with the move towards better self-care and the popularity of everything under the umbrella of male grooming, and we ARE HERE FOR IT! The pandemic brought to light the overwhelming need for services that positively affect mental health and focus on overall wellness.

Male grooming is important because men are people too! A daily grooming routine is essential to keep you looking and feeling young, attractive, and clean. But outside of that, what does taking that time to ‘let your hair down’ do for your overall wellness? It addresses your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states, so that you are at peace and in total alignment with yourself and God.

Self-care, no matter if you are  young or old, means attending to your own needs so you are bringing your best self to your relationships, commitments, work, and anywhere else you spend time.

What are the benefits of self-care and grooming? Here are some practical ways of implementing both, and the realistic benefits that can help in your daily routine as a man, husband, and father.


Checking in

Self-care regarding mental health means putting your mind and feelings at the forefront. This means taking time to pay attention to how you feel, making sure you are caring for your emotional health, taking a break from draining situations and giving yourself permission to end a commitment or say no!

Find or create a space within your most frequented places, where you can sit for just 15 minutes, take deep breaths, and organise your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

It can be in a corner of your office, in your backyard at home or at the spa during a service. Evaluate, using specific colours, your level of anger (red), sadness (yellow) or happiness (green) daily. This way you can clearly prioritise what is important and what action would be appropriate in any situation. This is simply applying mindfulness in stressful situations or as a method of mastering your day.

The words self-care encompass so many different activities. It can mean a daily exercise routine that increases and helps release those happy brain chemicals known as Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, or it can be a visit to the spa.

We know the word spa carries very modern connotations with it. Odds are you imagine “an elegant getaway where patrons can indulge in massages, skin treatments, and other luxuries intended to relax and beautify the body”.

But in their early existence, what we would now call spas were primarily treasured for their health benefits. And such is the case with most spa services offered today.

This Father’s Day, King’s Lounge Barber Spa would like to extend an invitation to all to come in and experience services that will not only have you looking good but feeling relaxed and renewed.

Grooming treatments, combined with knowledgeable and attentive service, specifically customised to your unique skin type and needs can be the way you invest in yourself and practise self-care.

When it comes to our dynamic dads, well spent ‘me time’ is of the utmost importance. A service such as a hot towel shave or simply moisturising your face may seem unimportant, but these help maintain the health of one of the largest organs of your body, the skin, and assist in maintaining overall wellness.

Massages are another proven antidote for relieving stress, reducing built-up tension, and positively impacting the functions of the muscular, circulatory, nervous, and even immune system simultaneously. They can help renew you from the inside out.

Adequate rest is one of the foundations of a healthy body and most of our daddies get far less sleep than they need. Whether it’s insomnia, unwillingness to turn off the light, or just a crazy-busy schedule, simply adjusting some of your current habits, and integrating a regular, therapeutic massage into your healthy routine can greatly improve the quantity and quality of your sleep each night fostering wellness. So, take that time for you and book a massage!

Although men are often fearful of pedicures, manicures, and facials, these can also help you develop a positive, healthy routine of consistent grooming and self-care. These types of services/treatments are sometimes deemed expensive and more suited to women but on both those counts, we say myth debunked! Services are now affordably priced and are tailored individually to anyone, any age, who wishes to enjoy some time away.

We want to leave this message with all men, husbands, grandfathers, uncles, and soon-to-be dads. You are loved, needed, appreciated, and treasured by all around you whether you see it or not.

Today, start acknowledging that loving and treasuring your WHOLE SELF is important. Take time for yourself, so the time you do have with your loved ones brings joyful and peaceful energy and creates memorable moments.

Happy Father’s Day to all Daddies across Trinidad and Tobago!

Start your journey to a balanced, healthier, happier you! The Art of Grooming Starts Here…

— The King’s Lounge Barber Spa Team.