A way forward together
June 7, 2023
Friday June 9th: The Messiah’s Identity
June 9, 2023

Thursday June 8th: The Ultimate Sacrifice

‘Anyone who eats this bread will live forever.’

 John 6: 51-58

In today’s gospel, Jesus gives us the greatest mystery in Christendom. He gives us his Body and Blood and it is by this that we are saved.

By giving us his Body and Blood, we become one with him and it is this oneness that guarantees us salvation. At the last supper he brings this mystery to fruition when he gives the bread and wine as his Body and Blood, and it is this that is handed down to us today.

We are to do the same to one another in memory of Jesus. When parents sacrifice, giving their all for the life of their children, they are following Christ. The same can be said of others who make big sacrifices for the love of those around them. In this way we follow Jesus.

Lord, teach me to love my neighbour as you loved us by giving your life for our salvation.