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June 7, 2023
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June 7, 2023

Trinity TV takes a LEAP

By Kaelanne Jordan

Trinity TV is inviting viewers to join them on a LEAP of Faith as they explore LOGOS, ETHOS, ALTOS, PATHOS, a new series of “incredible” programming for viewers who have been “begging” the network to fill the gap in producing fresh, faith-deepening content.

Station Manager Lisa Bhajan gave viewers a sneak peek of the programme that has been “floating” around her imagination for quite some time during the launch from their newly renovated studio, May 19.

The episodes air nightly, 8 p.m. with the first episode, Monday July 3: LOGOS; Tuesdays: ETHOS; Fridays: ALTOS and Saturdays: PATHOS.

Bhajan told host Natasha Lamy-Ramsden the pandemic affected the network’s operations and its programming production. She explained, “there was lockdown everywhere so we could no longer have all three people coming into our studio and that kind of thing. So, a lot of these shows that we would have done especially in the evenings where groups would have come into the studio could no longer happen.”

She said post-Covid, the network looked for new ways to “marry” what transpired during the pandemic with how they were operating pre-Covid “to see if we could, you know, try and do something different.”

LOGOS is about the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order. This episode will explore the depth and teaching of Catholic theology. Bhajan stated in the past the network relied on different groups from across the Archdiocese to contribute a “variety” of content. For this programming however, the network has called upon the commissions of the Archdiocese to take responsibility for this segment.

Adding to the discourse, Anna Maria Garcia-Brooks, Episcopal Delegate for Commissions explained as a collective body, the commissions are responsible for initiating, planning, and recommending programmes that would achieve the Church’s overall mission for the Archdiocese.

She mentioned the segment will involve a “slate” of inspiring speakers in discussion on issues that relate to a multitude of areas such as family life, marriage, ways to bring children into the Catholic faith, youth and the issues that affect them, liturgy, social justice issues, evangelisation, Catholic education, to name a few.

Trinity TV will partner with the University of Dayton’s Sr Angela Ann Zukowski MHSH, Director of the Institute for Pastoral Initiatives to help shape content and supply panellists for the ETHOS segment. This segment will explore critical issues of the Church that broaden faithful’s perspective.

Sr Angela Ann mentioned her team will address trends and issues such as spiritual conversations in a digital age “like what’s going on today online in social media when it comes to spiritual formation.”

She observed while many of today’s young Christians feel strong about their responsibility to share their faith, there are trends of secularism, relativism, pluralism and the fear of offending someone else when conversing about their faith.

Another topic the University will address is artificial intelligence, what it means for faith formation and Christians in a digital age and the dynamics of disaffiliation of young Catholics in the Church today.

Meanwhile The Catholic News’ Editor Raymond Syms will feature the top news items hot off the press for the ALTOS segment, while the PATHOS segment will see the ecclesial communities sharing testimonies and human interest stories appealing to the emotions and feelings.