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June 7, 2023
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To understand the pulse of the community

We feature those unheralded persons in the parishes committed to selling this publication. We appreciate all who have contributed to this ministry over the years, helping to deliver this paper into the hands of the people in the pews.

Sean Lee, The Church of the Holy Family, Mt Lambert


Q: How long have you been involved in selling the paper?

I have been involved in selling The Catholic News since taking over duties as the assistant sexton since October 2022.


Q: Why did you get involved?

It was presented as part of my duties as assistant sexton.


Q: What value or significance do you get from being a seller?

It gives me the opportunity to interact with the parishioners in casual conversation and gauge how they feel, which allows for inquiry into what the parish needs. It really helps me understand the pulse of the community.


Q: What is your approach to encourage people to buy or read the paper in your parish?

Most parishioners in Mt Lambert take it upon themselves to come and purchase the paper. However, making a notice at the end of Mass as a gentle reminder of the availability of The Catholic News definitely helps.


Q: How do you think the paper can be better promoted to Catholic faithful?

I honestly have no clue as to promoting The Catholic News on a personal level, but I think that engaging the parishioners that do not purchase the paper is a start. We need to find out why they do not buy the paper. I think doing a survey would be a good step in the right direction. It would also be good if members of CAMSEL were present in parishes to show that they are interested in the thoughts and ideas of the parishioners.


Q: To be a seller you most probably also read the paper. What are your favorite pages or columns?

Admittedly I am not an avid reader of The Catholic News so I cannot comment on my favourite pages. However, most readers of The Catholic News in our parish buy them for the Order of Sunday Mass.

I have an aunt that doesn’t go to church anymore, but she still purchases the paper to stay abreast of what is going on in the Catholic community. There are some other articles that parishioners talk about such as the farming initiatives and cooking pieces. They seem to be more interested in things that they see themselves doing.

Look out next Sunday as we continue to salute our sellers.