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June 7, 2023
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Consider a career in Agriculture

Agriculture is an important key to any country’s sustainability. A thriving agriculture sector in an economy has multiple benefits and can range from provision of food and fibre, to contributing to the foreign exchange of the country.

In Trinidad and Tobago, our food export bill continues to increase while the challenges that our agriculture sector faces increase. We have seen the drastic rise in food prices, for example, tomato prices went from TT$3 per lb in March to a whopping TT$14 per lb after the first few showers upon the declaration of the wet season.

The agricultural sector is indeed one where the trials may be many, but it is also one of the most vital for our survival. Since the pandemic, more attention has been given to the prioritisation of food security and the green economy.

In addition, the agricultural industry, for the past ten years, has been one that has grown significantly due to advancements in Science, Technology and Artificial Intelligence. These modern tools have enabled the sector to grow and once again revolutionise.

To all the young people who are wondering what’s next academically, those who are writing exams and about to choose a degree or those who are simply seeking employment, I urge you all to consider venturing into the agricultural sector.

As stated earlier, its relevance is immense as there will always be a need for food in any country, and modern advancements have made the sector more attractive. But there are many more reasons to consider it.

It is estimated that agriculture is up to four times more effective in reducing poverty than any other working sector in the world. There are jobs in the sector for all stages in your academic levels.

Entrepreneurship opportunities are available within the sector, there is no better time than the present to be your own boss. The pride of having a rewarding career is like no other where every day is a new experience and there is opportunity to create, produce and contribute to society’s needs.

If you are thinking about a career option in agriculture, you can choose from the following:

Administrative: These professionals perform roles which provide support for workers throughout the agriculture industry.

Engineering: Engineering roles involve science and math to correct problems. These professionals evaluate, design, test and install systems on a range of equipment. They also oversee manufacturing and maintenance processes and entail mechanical, environmental, or structural engineering.

Labour: These positions require workers to perform tasks such as planting, harvesting, caring for animals, and maintaining equipment. Specialised training is usually given to the workers to sub specialise them into a specific field in their job.

Sales: Sales workers are responsible for selling materials and products to customers that the farm produces.

Science: Scientists are the ones responsible for the advancements in the field. They use the principles of biology, chemistry, zoology, geology, and physics to research matters, monitor problems, design solutions, and develop products and systems.

Management: These positions include farm supervisors, farm managers, operation managers and even directors. The job will vary based on the agricultural operation.


If you are considering dedicating your career to agriculture, there are many to choose from and I can guarantee you, there is a sense of fulfilment when you can contribute to your nation’s food security by simply showing up to your job!


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