Friday June 2nd: Lessons in Discipleship
June 2, 2023
Deliberative to Discerning – Archbishop says local Church needs a revolution
June 3, 2023

Saturday June 3rd: Appreciating Jesus’ authority

“We don’t know.”

Mark 11:27-33

In today’s passage we see another confrontation between the Jewish leaders and Jesus. Of course, Jesus will once more demonstrate His calmness and authority in dealing with situations. They are questioning His authority, but are they really seeking truth? The question posed to them about John the Baptist surely had them in a bind. Whichever answer they give will expose their dishonesty. It is clear that everything John did and said pointed to Jesus being the Messiah, Saviour and Lord for whom they had been waiting. Everything Jesus said and did proved that He was the Messiah, Saviour and Lord. In other words, there was enough evidence before them to appreciate the authority of Jesus. Instead, they chose to reply, “We don’t know.”
We are faced with similar challenges in our lives. How do we respond to the authority of Jesus? How do we answer His Question? Each one of us must determine how we understand and respond. One thing is sure. We must never say, “We don’t know.”
Jesus, help us always through the Holy Spirit to know you.