Toward full presence
May 31, 2023
RC schools willing to teach migrant children …but gov’t mechanisms not in place
June 1, 2023

Thursday June 1st: Courage!

And many of them scolded him and told him to keep quiet

Mark 10: 46 – 52

So much is lost in the English translation of the Bible. Wanting to know who Timaeus in the bible was, having not had any previous reference, research showed, this is Mark’s way of explaining some of the Aramaic phrases used that may not be understood by his readers (including us today) as Bar means son, so Bartimaeus means son of Timaeus, lending understanding to the blind beggar referring to Jesus as son of David.

What really captured my attention was the crowds quieting the blind beggar as though he was not worthy to call on Jesus for help. So often I feel as though I am not worthy to bother God with my petty daily life. Or that I deserve any failure or suffering that may come my way.

I pray today for the Courage of the blind beggar to continue to call on the Lord always; in times of need and especially in times of thanksgiving.