Pentecost and YOU
May 29, 2023
Wednesday May 31st: Mary, the Evangelizer
May 31, 2023

Tuesday May 30th: It’s not an easy road

 “We have left everything and followed you.”

Mark 10:28-31


It’s not an easy road

And many see the glamor and the glitter so them think a bed of rose, mi say

Who feels it knows, ooh

Lord help me sustain these blows

(Buju Banton)

So what?

So, what if you is ah big time Christian, always doing all kind of things in church? So what?

You think that means you not supposed to suffer? You not supposed to go through bad times? Who tell you that? You eh read that in the bible!

Anything you give to God He will give you so much more but that doh mean life go be easy!

Eh eh!

Imagine you know that Christ himself suffered on the cross, and when things was getting tough, he asked his Father to ease him up and then he ketch he self, he say “Not my will but yours be done.”  It eh go be easy!!!!!!!!

But you know what? His grace is sufficient! Yuh go get through!

Be blessed!