Sunday May 28th: It only takes a spark
May 28, 2023
Pentecost and YOU
May 29, 2023

Monday May 29th: Support

“Jesus said to his mother, ‘Woman this is your son.’ Then to the disciple he said, ‘This is your mother.’

John 19:25-34

It is a touching picture of Jesus on the cross looking down at loved ones. The first three verses stayed with me. I thought “Support”. Mary was now alone and, in the Jewish tradition would be considered ‘cursed’. The love for his mother would not allow Jesus to leave her alone. In the pain of his dying moments, he entrusts her to his beloved disciple, John and…John to her. In so doing Jesus gives Mary, our Heavenly Mother, to all believers.
It is significant that May is the month of Mary and in some regions, Mothers’ Day is in May. I think of mothers who have lost sons tragically: my relative whose son was killed the day before his 28th birthday; a friend’s son killed in his early 20’s and so many more. For these women I pray the comfort of our Blessed Mother. One can never understand the pain as each has gazed at her son without the chance of a parting word. To them I say, “Embrace Mary who knows your sorrow. Let her be your support.”