Saturday May 27th: Mind your…mission
May 27, 2023
Monday May 29th: Support
May 29, 2023

Sunday May 28th: It only takes a spark

“…the door was closed in the room where the disciples were for fear of the Jews.”

John 20:19-30

‘Like sand sifting through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.’ Sometimes years go and nothing happens; behind locked doors for fear of what may happen; for fear that everything will be lost.
Then the spirit flows and light finds a space to enter our crowded lives.
It only takes a breath from the Lord to get the fire going. Just a holy spark from the divine chula. Old firestick, set aflame in Baptism, rekindled and enkindled many times over, easy to ketch
The Holy Spirit is the breath that sets the whole world free. Sometimes the world is distracted and not mindful of the breath. But when it is ready, not until it is ready, the world breaks loose. We are the world, we are the people, we take the light to the darkness. If we don’t, then darkness overpowers. When we do, peace spreads its joyful cover over the land; our hands become free to do, to build, to mold; and the heart is free to love.