Friday May 26th: Second Chances
May 26, 2023
Sunday May 28th: It only takes a spark
May 28, 2023

Saturday May 27th: Mind your…mission

“What does it matter to you? Follow me.”

John 21:20-25

You ever find yourself wondering what is the spiritual standing of another person in the eyes of God? Or how they match up to you or you to them? They might be of a different spirituality. You might be Marian and they might be Charismatic or Contemplative …. This speculation may spring from spiritual pride or jealousy, fraternal interest, or plain curiosity. However, it could result in loss of focus.

In today’s Gospel, Peter questions Jesus about John, ‘What about him, Lord?’ Jesus’ gentle reproach brings Peter back on track. If he were Trinbagonian, Jesus would have said to him. “We talking about your mission. I now tell you that they going to take you where you wouldn’t want to go and look how you changing the topic! Right now, all you have to do is follow me.”

Or perhaps he might have adapted Patrice Roberts’ popular calypso and tell Peter, “Drink water and mind yuh… mission!’

Lord, keep us focused on fulfilling the mission that you have given us. Let us not be distracted.